For a a couple years now we have been fantasizing about self driving cars.  Kind of like out of the Jetsons.  Remember that old show?  They don’t make them like that anymore.   Well, while G.M., Chrysler, Google and Apple are all playing around with the idea, Tesla has at least one car that can come get you.  Just call the car and it will come pick you up.  Kinda cool huh?  Matter of fact, if you pass a new Tesla car out on the road, it may be driving it’s self.  Tesla is more advanced than all of the big three combined and they get very little credit for it.  The Model X has a motor that produces 500+ hp and a range of about 200 miles.  That’s not bad for a daily grocery getter.  Tesla is expecting the new Model X to get the highest marks in it’s class for safety.

Recently there was an accident involving the Tesla S and it’s autopilot feature.  You can read more about autopilot here:  The system works extremely well but you should never assume your car will avoid all collisions.  We are still years away from that but Tesla will be at the forefront of it. This accident occurred because of several conditions in just the right place and the driver was watching a DVD instead of the road.  While the system does work, Tesla warns that you should remain on alert while the car is driving in case the car does not recognize a situation  quick enough.  Tesla has a lot of negative publicity over this lately but the system is actually the most advanced system available right now and over all, does work very well.

If you are looking for a leading edge technical car that is also easy on the environment, check out Tesla.  They are doing great things and CEO Elon Musk has a great vision for the future.  It’s really hard to say what Tesla will bring us in five years but I bet it will be great!!

Head on over and check out Tesla.

Self driving cars
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