Too many times I hear from people that they spend large amounts of money when they got a call from some one claiming to be Microsoft authorized.   Trust me when I tell you they are NOT!  Do NOT ever give them your credit card number or bank account info.  Never ever, under any circumstances.   Tell them you will find a local person to help you out or better yet, hang up on them and find a local person.

How do you defend yourself from them?  First off, know the signs.

  • A popup on a webpage tells you that you are in danger and you need to call now
  • A program or popup tells you that you have thousands of issues and call NOW
  • A person will call you at random telling that they are from Microsoft and you have been sending Virus emails.
  • They will be very anxious for you to allow them control of your computer.

If any of the following happens. do NOT call them and NEVER EVER allow them access to your computer.  It is ALWAYS a scam.  Any good computer technician can show you thousands of “bad” things on your computer but he will also show you that chances are good, these items are just taking up space and not doing any real harm.  Certainly not worth paying hundreds of dollars to get rid of.


Microsoft “Authorized”
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