Managed Services

Manged services is becoming one of the fastest growing IT solutions in the country. Fortune 500 companies use it to better manage systems. better utilize resources and save money.

You too, can tap in to the money saving potential of Manged services. It can work for home computers as well as business computers.

The more computers your business has, the more managed services can benefit you and your company.

PC Repair

Break/Fix services are offered both for commercial and residential customers. We stock most common parts and have access to all versions of Microsoft Windows and Linux flavors.
Our rates are very competitive and the service is guaranteed for 60 days.

Device Repair

We offer a full line of services for phone and gadget repair.

Most Apple parts and screens are stocked for same day repairs.

Because of the wide variety and high cost of Android powered devices, most parts are order as needed.

Come in and let us show you what we have to offer.

About Us

We offer services for the home user and the business user alike. We have over 20 years in the industry experience ranging from desktop to servers. We provide network setup, automated back-up, network optimization and many other features to cover all your needs.